It’s time for change.  You are seeking therapy because you’re feeling stuck in your life and you’re overwhelmed by anxiety. Perhaps there has been infidelity in your relationship or you’re continuing to be reminded of past trauma. Maybe you’re in a life transition from a recovery center or just figuring out where you fit in the everyday world.  Let’s meet to see how we can work together to help you.

Clients leave my office feeling fully heard, respected, and a less anxious. With nearly 20 years of experience doing transitional counseling and therapy, I offer tools that you can use outside of my office.  I remind you of who you are and we get to the root of whatever feels like it has you feeling trapped or afraid to change. Give me a call and let’s get started 773-297-9090.


What is Therapy?

In my words, therapy (also called counseling) is a process where a client and a trained therapist come together to heal negative thoughts, feelings (physical and emotional), and behaviors due to trauma or history. In my therapy office, I offer therapeutic support in the healing process through questions that move a client to go deeper in thought, suggestions to bring awareness to thoughts and behaviors that hold a client back, and use researched techniques that help to reveal what that has been buried in the mind and body. More than this, I value the  genuine relationship between a clinician and a client that supports the client to become their healthiest self.

Therapies used in my office

EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) is a therapy that I use in my office to help clients who have experienced trauma, both on a large and small scale. I find it effective with PTSD and for “that feeling that you just can’t shake.” Ask me about it when you call and I’m delighted to talk you through it.

Tapping (EFT)– Another form of trauma therapy with tapping on meridian points.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy helps clients to take a look at how their thoughts and words and behaviors effect their emotions. We can retrain our brains to be more mindful as we go through our day and we will begin to notice changes in mood and gratitude.

Meditation is a form of therapy that you can do on your own, but often clients share that they do not take the time. I can guide you through meditation in my office. Clients have reported that after meditation, they feel more open, calm, relaxed, and energized—able to think more clearly.

Spiritual Counseling can be useful when clients cannot get past old issues of guilt associated with religious beliefs. I am respectful and loving towards all faiths and am an ordained minister with the Alliance of Divine Love ministry. I have been doing spiritual counseling since 2005 and will continue to do this work along with Pre-Marital counseling, Wedding celebrations, and Divorce ceremonies.

Substance Abuse/Recovery/Transition Counseling counseling for clients who have addiction and are transitioning back into daily life after recovery center. I work with parents of the addict as well as clients with addiction. Many of the discussions have to do with guilt, pride, codependency, past trauma, compassion, and forgiveness.


Publications where I offered insight:




I lead a Love Group on the book Calling In the One by Katherine Woodward Thomas. I have found that it is often difficult to do daily activity books without being held accountable. Sometimes clients would prefer to use this book seeing me individually and this is also an option. If you are looking for love and curious about what is blocking you, then consider coming to my group.


Weddings ceremonies are a passion of mine. The love that is experienced during a ceremony is palpable and life-giving. I work with couples to find the right words and rituals that fit the couple’s spiritual and cultural needs.

Whether you are coming in from out of town or you are an Asheville area resident, let’s get you married. I communicate with you before the ceremony to get an understanding of the dynamics of you as a couple, attend the rehearsal, perform the ceremony, and deliver your marriage license to the city clerk for you after the ceremony.

I look forward to lovingly working with you and supporting you through the beginning of your shared life together.

“It was so wonderful to have Jenn conduct our wedding ceremony! I’ve been to weddings where the officiant didn’t even pronounce the bride’s and groom’s names correctly, let alone make the ceremony intimate and personal. Jenn listened to exactly what we wanted and offered suggestions for making the ceremony even more unique and special.

What she created for us was an intimate and personalized ceremony that we will never forget and for which we’ll never be able to thank her enough.”

Stephanie and Shawn – Albuquerque, NM


I am a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor, LPC-S. I model for new therapists healthy boundaries, deep listening, and client organizing. Working in community counseling center, a college, high schools, and private practice, has given me to tools to have support new clinicians in many therapeutic arenas.  I charge $100 per session and accept cards, check, and cash. Please call me at 773-297-9090 to have a phone consultation and set up our first appointment.

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About Me

My experience in therapy started in 1998. I have been a therapist in the college atmosphere, in high schools, and in the wilderness for individuals, couples, and families. My clients range in age from adolescents through older adults.

I grew up in Illinois and began a counseling career in Chicago. I moved to Austin, TX for a short jaunt to warm up after the Chicago winters. Now, I have landed and found a home in Asheville, NC where I hike, run, play my guitar and do yoga regularly.

I work hard to practice what I preach, (with mindfulness and laughter) everyday.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q : What’s the cost?

A : Sessions are $130 for 53 minutes. I also have slots available for those who cannot afford my fee, please call me to discuss.

Q : Do you accept insurance?

A :  No. I do not take insurance. Paying for therapy without the involvement of an insurance company upholds confidentiality. As a provider, I am required to submit a diagnosis to insurance companies in order get paid for services. This diagnosis follows clients and can be used in pre-existing health issues. 

I  provide you with a receipt that you can send in to your insurance company for possible reimbursement. You will be responsible for the fee at the time of our appointment. I encourage you to call the number on the back of your insurance card to ask about your “out of network” benefits are so there aren’t any financial surprises.



Office Location:
138 E Chestnut Street, Asheville, NC 28801