Conscious Uncoupling or Divorce Ceremony

When two people who come together to honor their time that they shared with respect and forgiveness–it is powerful. Whether you have been together in a long-term unmarried relationship or as a married couple, I believe in the importance of this ritual. It is a time to create a new relationship, form a new set of compassionate rules, for yourselves and your children.


Uncoupling or Divorce Counseling

Maybe you’ve tried couples counseling and ultimately you arrived at the choice to begin a life apart. I will meet with you together and individually to help you to:

  • Clear the air
  • Form a equal/level ground for communication
  • Create new rules for the family and engaging
  • Create a new story and words to use about each other in public
  • Remind you individually that you are loved and that transition is difficult but change will come
  • Create a ceremony to move forward with an open and loved heart

Uncoupling Counseling
4-6 sessions recommended at $100 a session.

Uncoupling/Divorce Ceremony
I will help you write your new vows for each other and create a personal ceremony that fits you (and your family). It is my hope that you will leave the ceremony with a hope-filled outlook.
Fee for this personalize ceremony is $300.

Suggest Reading
Conscious Uncoupling by Katherine Woodward Thomas