What is Sex Therapy?

Sex therapy is a time and a space set aside where couples or individuals can be guided to have intimate conversations that they cannot make time for or feel comfortable enough to have anywhere else. In session we might discover a past trauma that is holding you back or uncover curiosities or interests that you’ve had that you haven’t felt safe enough to talk about until now. Sometimes it is historic religious beliefs or traumas that are getting in the way of a exploring a part of you that is waiting to be awakened. I provide for you a safe, non-judgmental, and hopeful environment as you find healing for a subject that can feel sometimes vulnerable or shameful.

Who do I see for Sex Therapy?

Men/Women/Non-binary/Transgender Individuals or Couples


Healing Sexual Trauma

If a trauma from your past is revealed, sometimes for the first time, please know that I will handle it with care and gentleness for all genders or identities. I will then offer you to meet with me individually (if you’re seeing me with your partner) and we will do trauma therapy to help you to heal this part that feels like it’s getting in the way of living fully.


Let’s have more of that in our lives, shall we? Sometimes that word can cause discomfort. I would like to help you to both be more comfortable with saying it and seeking it (in all parts of your life).

Let’s RE-Prioritize Sex

There are multitudes of reasons that sex goes by the wayside. If this is something you want to have back in your life, let’s get sex on the menu!

Out of Control Sexual Behavior

Some people call it sex addiction. It pertains to those who need sex more often than the “average” person. Someone with out-of-control sexual behavior may seek pornography or sex workers for sexual satiation. I have worked with many individuals who may define themselves in this way and I want to help you find healing.


Sex or emotional relationships outside of partnership of any kind can be healed if you want it to be healed. Let’s meet and take it slowly to give you what you need to grow into a new and vibrant relationship.

Desire Differences

Relationships can sometimes begin with a bang where sex is the main focus. As time moves on, sex for one may not be where the energy is focused in the way that it is for the other partner. There are many reasons for this: trauma, exhaustion, menopause to name a few. Change is possible with compassion and willingness from both partners.

Sex Therapy Couple